Since 2009, Our Company specializes in the production of graphic design, audio and video also handled advertising campaigns, offering the service of Media to organize the distribution of advertising in the Latino market.


    We connect businesses to the Latin world. We know and live with most of the Latin cultures, in order to live, feel, think and act and that way, be able to translate all in creative ideas that work.


    We are creative Latinos, who always look for the client's goal and then set ourselves the goal to follow so we can start projects that results successfully for our clients.


    We are always open to new ideas and willing to do updates, not to be left behind in trends that benefit the customer.








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  • Keivan Galaviz

    President & CEO

    Graduate audio engineer in Monterrey Mexico, performed important work in production Broadcaster in the state of Coahuila and hence the interest to manage advertising campaigns and graphic art work arose. It was not until he came to Minnesota in 2005 that began a new story and facet, knowing Latin cultures and engaging in lives and stories of traditions and then asking about their interests that he formed a large map to what he sees with great interest, a hungry and virgin market in this state. With that idea and marketing needs, Smart agency begins.

  • Octavio Ramos

    Graphic designer

    Creative with over 15 years’ experience and always open to new challenges for companies that value the fine, detailed work. Committed and always ready to fulfill projects on time as required

  • Leonor Oyarzabal

    Media Planning & Buying

    Charge of investing wisely in advertising media to have an adequate response to the work done for each client.

  • Jose Rios

    Web developer

    Experienced programmer to provide solutions to all customer requirements and establishing appropriate and connection and navigation with users.

  • Cathy Arias

    Graphic designer and illustrator

    Creative and spontaneous ideas for the development of elaborated graphic pieces to illustrate and very versatile in designing advertising for serious and formal institutions.

  • Jorge Collazo

    Director of photography

    With 13 years of experience, Jorge directs art photography needed with sensitivity and detail in each project.


Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience hiring and working with the Smart team, they work with many industries, they have developed marketing strategies for many retailers, fashion designers, educators, medical professionals, realtors, attorneys, etc.
They are gung-ho entrepreneurs, start-up trailblazers and savvy small business owners.
They share a common goal: To elevate your image and the quality of your brand.
They recognize the importance of compelling creative design and that perception plays a crucial role in their business strategy.
I highly recommend them.
Business owner in Minneapolis MN"

Jose Rivera


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