We efficiently build brands with specific colors that will make your business stand out from your competition. Special areas of your brand will be built carefully and specifically for your business to create an atmosphere of uniqueness.
    We treat every project from its conception as a newborn baby and we know that it will have a positive growth in a short period of time.


    To have a clearer vision of every single project we conceive, we have several agencies that provide us with the necessary information to work with confidence before we even start your project.
    We will work in those areas within the Latino community making careful questions and interviews to set a goal that will help us achieve your individual needs as a customer thus making your business or ad campaign stand out where it should the most.


    To be able to send a direct and precise message to your targeted goal, Smart will carefully create specific ideas, messages, phrases and slogans that will attract your targeted customers in a realistic, true and clear manner.
    At Smart we continually update our ad campaigns because we know that your competition will react in due time. We are used to see your competition reacting as soon as your business starts to stand out within the targeted market.


    We have an excellent understanding of the most influential media reaching the Latino market. We have done the proper research to understand their strategies to reach the ever growing Hispanic market.
    We have no special preferences nor we are biased group.
    After studying your specific needs, we determine which publisher will take care of your campaign. Just because we have worked with ‘X’ ad publisher and/or they are the lowest bidder to our job, doesn’t mean that we will be back with your project. Every project at Smart is different and we chose our ad publishers accordingly to *your* specific needs.
    Smart will also keep an eye on our client’s budget. Every dollar spent on your project must generate results. This is our daily goal to achieve a connection of your company with the Latino community.


    At Smart we will build your designs from the ground up, not from pre-made templates other ad agencies do. This will include colors and shapes according to your product or service you intend to sell. Your project is our most precious challenge and we love challenges. As a client we understand that your campaign is a challenge as well. We will guide you thru the process and your final product will be functional and with the gao you initially had in mind.


    The web has largely evolved since its conception and we keep up with the latest programming and design. We speak the web language. From the traditional HTML, to PHP, Java Scripts, e-commerce, databases and other web language that your specific project might need. But wait, a website might look different with different web browsers including mobile browsing. Because we are aware of that, we will make sure that your web presence will look sharp with any browser. You clients will have a wonderful experience browsing your website from a desktop computer to a tablet or cell phone.
    We work e-commerce with unlimited database growth and products. We have an administration system available if required by our client. The is no limit to our available programming skills.


    We an in-house studio ready to shoot from portraits to table top product photography. This studio is under the complete direction of our own in-house photographer from Puerto Rico whose work has been featured to travel magazines, portraitures and in-flight magazines for airlines publications. Jorge is well aware that a picture does not only says a thousand words, but also that a good picture also sells.
    Our team is a group with diverse nationalities with ample experience and the understanding of their respective nationality needs and habits which is absolutely a must for your ad campaign design and goals.


    We develop mobile apps according to your specific needs. These apps can work in tandem either with your new or existing project incrementing the versatility and productivity thru a user friendly app. We also create apps as stand-alone projects so give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.
    These apps are not created for the sake of you as a client having an app for your business. Our developed apps will get the proper research as any of our ad campaign research. Apps require a different approach and after the proper research, we will proceed at a steady pace to develop of your specific app project.


    At Smart we will take care of all your audio/video necessary for your ad campaign project. There is no limit to audio from traditional stereo to multi channel tracks and video formats. We do not work with amateur with amateur hardware sub-contractors in this aspect of your project. We work only with the best professionals with sophisticated top of the line gear in this field. Once we decide which production company will take a specific job, we will be directing 100% your project but also brainstorming with them to give you a final product with the best commercial broadcast quality. From conception to broadcast, Smart will be with you along the way.

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